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Safe Space Ninja Services

Mold Assessments 

Knowing means everything! Our state licensed mold assessors work like detectives to uncover the cause, location and scale of mold damage inside your space.

Next, you get written corrective action steps to remedy the issue are custom created for you. No guesswork!

On-site assessment leads to detailed reports based on laboratory data. Custom protocols are created to address your exact situation. Science-based answers fast.

Odor Elimination

Odors are offensive and problematic. Eliminate Odors Overnight.
People have a primal response to bad smells. Odors disturbed us.       


The Overnight Odor Elimination Service banishes all smells and odors within 24-hours. It restores your home’s comfort and well-being. 


Safe Space Ninja matches the lingering smell with the best technology to quickly eliminate odors at the molecular level. Safely and quickly.  


Requires 24-hours. No people, pets or plants can occupy the space. 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

The State of Florida requires that separate and unrelated entities perform post remediation verifications to reasonably assure the customer that the mold was effectively removed from the treated areas.

Mold spore sampling with normal fungal ecology is required to clear the post remediation verification. A complete visual assessment that documents dry conditions and clean surfaces is also required.

Free 10-Minute Evaluation 

Discover options and timelines with your FREE 10-minute on-site evaluation. Every situation is different, so each solution is tailored to meet those exact needs. 
Choose your appointment time and expect fast, professional and affordable services. 

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